“I have a mission to complete. I have an army of people behind me who need me to create change for them.”


J oanne Pellew is an entrepreneur at heart. As a Noongar woman, she is driven to make a difference within the Indigenous community by championing employment solutions on a national level. After founding her first business in Broome at the age of 21, Joanne has been involved in indigenous business and affairs ever since.

As an Indigenous employment expert, with several businesses of her own in this arena, Joanne is now a sought-after industry thought leader, guest speaker and guest writer. She has had the pleasure of appearing in a number of high-profile publications, and speaking at a variety of industry events to share her knowledge and experience with key industry stakeholders.

Working tirelessly to help close the Indigenous employment gap, and facilitate strong relationships between business, government and the Indigenous community, Joanne is well positioned to offer unique insight into her field.

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Wow, what an awesome article about how fabulous, selfless and dedicated you are Joanne. Thank you for doing so much for our people, you are truly an inspiration and a fantastic role model. I hope to work with you someday as you are a powerful force and a determined and caring lady. You make us proud! 

Rebecca Masterson

A great read. I love your passion and work ethics. Good luck for your future endeavours. The doors are opening, so don’t hold back 🙂 

Josephine Thompson

Great to see training directly connected to a job. For to many years Aboriginal people have been trained with no guaranteed job at the end. Keep up the good work Joanne and the team. 

Mark Anderson

Hi Joanne, this sounds like a fantastic initiative, congratulations. Looking forward to seeing this expand to more major cities and hopefully with employers looking to find talent above transactional roles! There are many thousands of our Mob with professional qualifications and experience wanting Indigenous centric roles beyond the regular offers. Wishing you continued success! 

Matthew Compton

Well done Joanne. A lot of hard work, but highly rewarding. My nephew works as a trades trainer attached to a school in an Aboriginal community in remote NT. I visited there recently and saw some great things there he was doing to build skills and a career path for both boys and girls so they can get into a trade with local mines. Small steps but they give hope and offer a future to indigenous people. Bravo! 

Owen Erglis

Great to hear this story Joanne…congratulations. It will also be interesting to hear what makes a great Indigenous labour hire service. What a project owner or contractor should be looking for when engaging an Indigenous owned business such as yours … 

Craig Banks

Congratulations Joanne. You can be very proud of what you have achieved. It is a reflection on you and your Company. It also speaks volumes about the many indigenous labour hire contractors that represent Ochre Workforce Solutions at the cold face on a daily basis. 

Mark Parnell

Self-funded tech platforms help create the conditions for change. The number of Aboriginals participating in the workforce is expected to almost double by 2026 and new digital solutions are being created to promote employment, communication and diverse workplaces by Indigenous entrepreneurs. These game-changers have been flying under the radar, but gaining traction quickly as they launch their services to the world. Great article highlighting this emerging sector Joanne, and congrats on the wild success of iWork! 

Justine Kinney

Wow! Joanne it is so encouraging to see Indigenous innovation in action and inspiring to see how you have progressed your amazing entrepreneur flare. Good luck with you guest judging. Have you considered providing motivational speeches/sessions for other Indigenous business’ and young aspiring Indigenous business people … :) 

Adrian Burkenhagen, Your Content Goes Here

Congratulations, on creating & increasing Indigenous pathways to more innovative and technological advances. Look forward to seeing it. 

Melanie Simon

I love your work Joanne. I have been dreaming for the same programs in Queensland 🙂 but I needed to dream bigger 🙂 One day we will catch up and have a chat about all this 🙂 in the meantime, keep up the great work there Sunshine. 

Jennie Cartmill

We are masters of our own destiny and you are proving that sis. Always follow you exploits with great anticipation, hope to catch up again soon.

Professor Wayne Quilliam

Indigenous employment is a tough industry and for you to have the success in this sector, I commend your determination to succeed where many have failed. 

Sean Gordon

WOW!! Well done Joanne Pellew. It’s an amazing opportunity and I’m sure you’ll produce amazing outcomes. Good to see our mob finally capitalising on the big/national opportunities like this and for Ochre to be in such a pivotal position to guide and influence the ATOs contract labour and recruitment services is quite an achievement. 

Adrian Burkenhagen

Just keep doing what you know is right Jo. There is a time (the horizon is now) when all this work will see its fruition in the “Aboriginal business” space. YOU lead WE will follow….! OTHERS will come online in DUE course…..! The stars are aligning! 

Oral McGuire


Joanne has built several successful businesses, all targeted at generating Indigenous employment, linking government and companies with Indigenous workers & businesses and overall, improving outcomes for the Indigenous community.


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