Key points:

  • Indigenous employment is complex
  • Creating awareness within business is important
  • Genuine connection is the key
  • What are the politics that affect the business?

The area of Indigenous engagement has always been a complex business issue. However, with increasing importance being placed on this area in the world of government and business, navigation of the issues, the politics and the bureaucracy continues to be difficult.

Many companies seek to cover this area by creating internal Indigenous units or employing Indigenous engagement officers. However, in our experience despite the best intentions to meet their obligations, many companies fail. This is generally because the actual people in charge of those decisions didn’t understand the importance, the contractual obligations, the need to create opportunities for the Traditional Owner (TO) groups, and a host of other factors.

Three keys to success that we have observed through our work with clients:

  1. Create awareness at every level in the organisation about why Indigenous engagement is important to your business;
  1. Create genuine connections to the Indigenous community. This may be with potential trainees, employees or suppliers, depending on the focus of your strategy;
  1. Have a clear understanding of the politics that could affect your strategy.

Engaging a consultant who is knowledgeable and passionate about the area and committed to achieving real outcomes for indigenous people can make all the difference.

Best endeavours are no longer applicable to the state of affairs regarding Indigenous issues, and to create positive change, real action is required. This needs to be led by those who really know about this very complex and culturally sensitive area.

Ochre Consulting Services have enormous experience in creating positive engagement and outcomes with Indigenous programs. Whatever you are trying to achieve in this area, we will apply our skills and experience to make the process easy for you. We have a successful track record in creating programs which result in positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our point of difference is our extensive knowledge in the area of Indigenous engagement, our understanding of TO dynamics in each region, and our strong connections to the indigenous community. Each of these strengths help to ensure the success of your indigenous programs. As business owners ourselves we also have a very strong focus on commercial considerations.

Whether you need help navigating the bureaucracy of federal government policies or the politics of Traditional Owners on country, it really is a minefield out there.

Ochre Consulting Services can help you navigate through this complexity to get the best outcomes for your business.