For hiring managers and Indigenous engagement specialists, iWork will enable you to access a red hot, eager and aspiring community of Indigenous Australians.

iWork is committed to boosting Indigenous employment opportunities and has built the largest database of Indigenous job seekers in Australia. Our innovative platform promises to support both Government and Private sector initiatives by increasing workplace diversity and connecting businesses to all levels of Indigenous candidates.


So, what is your agencies strategy to meet your policy targets of employing 7500 Indigenous professionals by 2020 or if a corporate, achieving your contract obligations, RAP targets, Land Use Agreements etc?

How are you going to identify those Indigenous job seekers who aspire to be in the public sector or within your company?

What if you could trust an innovative and results-driven Indigenous company to help you reach your targets?

Not only will you meet your Indigenous employment targets through advertising on iWork, you will also be working with a Supply Nation certified business assisting you in meeting your IPP obligations or Indigenous contract spend obligations.

Imagine being able to exceed your job role objectives and being a social model for change in line with the Governments’ ‘Closing the Gap’ and ‘Ending Disparity’ initiatives?

We know both the Government and Private sectors are committed to increasing workplace diversity and frustrated at not being able to meet your contractual targets.

Our team here at iWork have listened to industry concerns and can clearly see the obstacles in your way.

We have built our platform to specifically help you avoid

  • The time it takes to post adverts
  • The money wasted on job sites that have very little Aboriginal engagement
  • The cumbersome technology that makes it difficult for job seekers to respond to relevant offers

Like us, you would love to be part of a company that walk’s their talk.

By partnering with us at iWork, you will be accessing the largest database of eager Australian Aboriginals actively looking for a career change or seeking employment at all levels and across all industries, from blue-collar, white-collar, Uni graduates, professionals and entry-level trainees and apprentices.

Our strength is from the knowledge our Founder has built over the last 6 years at the coal face of Indigenous recruitment and employment in successfully connecting Aboriginal job seekers with progressive employers.


So, what are your success rates when you advertise with other platforms like Seek and CareerOne?

Finally, there are no more excuses to be hearing the sound of crickets. We are providing a solution to your frustrations. No need to keep wasting money on advert blasts that nobody sees or hears about!

What if you didn’t have to replicate your job advert for each State when you are doing a national recruitment drive?

What if we ask the sensitive questions and do the hard work for you in our screening process to ensure all criteria are met?

Commit to advertising with iWork today and fully optimise your current Indigenous engagement framework by actively getting results that will profoundly impact our shared vision for Australia.

As the momentum builds over the next few months, iWork will become the only ‘go-to’ platform to find suitable Indigenous people to fill your roles.

Head over to and connect with our active community today and start uploading your jobs.

Kind regards

iWork Engagement Team