Joanne Pellew is an entrepreneur, a proud Noongar woman, and a savvy business leader. Since founding her first business at the age of 21, she has since dedicated her personal and professional life to Indigenous affairs, and to creating opportunities for businesses and Indigenous Australians to come together in meaningful and lasting ways.

Having built the largest database of Indigenous workers in the country, as well as becoming the first Indigenous woman to operate a registered training organisation (RTO), Joanne is uniquely positioned to provide insights into the world of business, Indigenous affairs, employment and training, and entrepreneurship.

Joanne has been recognised by Smart Company as one of the Top 20 Business Thinkers in Australia for 2018 and was a 2017 Telstra Businesswoman of the Year Award nominee, and has had the pleasure of speaking at:
  • Local Contracting Alliance (2016)
  • IBECC (2016)
  • Indigenous Employment Summit (2015)
  • Broadband in the Bush (2017)
  • Oil & Gas Industry Indigenous Engagement Forum (2016)
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Consultancy Services

Joanne is a passionate, knowledgeable and experienced practitioner when it comes to all things Indigenous business, affairs, policies and engagement strategies.

If you follow Joanne on Linkedin or you have already met her, you will know her style is direct, factual and engaging and that is the exact type of consulting services you would receive.

Joanne has the benefit of insight with the ability to communicate an issue, concern or problem and provide a practical solution. As a practical solutions-based person, you will get solutions to the challenges your corporation or organisation might be experiencing. There will be no endless engagement agenda with very little outcomes kind of approach from Joanne. As a busy woman in her own right, who is actively involved in her numerous businesses, she doesn’t have the time to waste time. Results-driven, outcomes focussed and dedicated to make a difference to the grass-roots Indigenous community is Joanne’s mission.

To make that difference on the ground, successful plans, strategies and a culture of commitment need to be implemented at the Corporate level. This is where Joanne offers her valuable knowledge in guiding Corporate Australia in how to not only implement those tools but to gain a deeper understanding of WHY there needs to be that level of commitment. This then leads to HOW that commitment has made a difference at the ground level.

Joanne has the ability to take her Corporate clients on a journey of witnessing the difference they could make to the grassroots Indigenous community when lead the right way to do so. Regardless of what tool is being referred to, whether it’s RAP’s, Engagement Strategies, Employment Strategies, Contractual obligations, IPP’s, APP’s, Procurement exemptions, ILUA’s and many more positive strategies, ultimately, they are all meant to have the same outcome….that is to end the disparity between the Indigenous community and the rest of the Australian society.

Joanne is dedicated to that outcome and guides her clients to the best they can do depending on what tool they need to improve. Each client is different, with different needs and factors to be considered, which is why there is no cookie-cutter approach to Joanne’s services, there is a customised approached for each of her valued clients.

If your corporation is needing expert advice or consultancy services, based on years of lived experience and a high level of successful outcomes, about any of the following subject matter, you’ve found the right person:

  • Indigenous Employment Strategies
  • Industry Training and Pre-employment programs
  • Graduate/Apprenticeship/Traineeship programs
  • Indigenous Business Development
  • Indigenous Business Procurement
  • Meeting Indigenous contractual obligations
  • Reconciliation Action Plans Audits and Reviews
  • Small Business Start-Up Consultancy
  • Indigenous Entrepreneurship
  • Cultural Awareness Education
  • Indigenous Career Path Consultant
  • Social Commentator

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Speaking Engagements

If you have an upcoming event where you would like to add to your speaker line up and wish to book an articulate, knowledgeable and insightful speaker on any of the below topics, you can book Joanne via the Book Now button below:

• Entrepreneurship and Innovation
• Current state of Indigenous employment, Industry Training and Pre-employment Programs
• Women’s Leadership in the Face of Adversity
• Digital Inclusion and the Disadvantaged
• How to start a tech company with no tech background
• Challenges of start-up businesses
• The Power of Social Media for Businesses
• Marketing 101
• How to find new business ideas and act on them quickly
• Ending Disparity
• Your topic of choice

You can read more about Joanne’s personal story in her bio, and view a range of media appearances and interviews here.

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