I’m very pleased to announce that the impending iWork Now 2017 – ‘Grab a Job’ day is turning into a great success and we haven’t even held it yet!

The idea behind the day is to demonstrate how the iWork Jobsite is meant to work in the virtual world by recreating the platform in a human way. Which means the website and app have been designed to bring employers and Indigenous job hunters into direct contact with each other. To transfer this ‘marketplace’ into the human equivalent, the iWork team have designed an event that removes all the ‘noise’ that usually happens between those two parties in the real world, which is what the website and app do. This happens by allowing the Indigenous candidates to apply directly to those employers who are advertising Indigenous-specific roles in person, in one place, on one day. That day is happening at the ‘Grab a Job’ day on the 17th January at Crown Perth.

So far, we have the likes of big-name Corporations such as Downer EDI, Compass Group, Morris Corp, Decmil, Woolworths and many more who want to interview the 200 (and counting) Indigenous people that will be in the room who really want the jobs.

We are still 4 days out from the event and with the momentum expected to build as we get closer to the event, we may have to ask for a larger room to accommodate the crowd of both eager job hunters and just as eager employers. With the event going viral on social media, we’ve been asked to take this initiative to other towns and cities around the country by Indigenous people who want the same opportunity in their area. Obviously, there is a need for this initiative to be offered across Australia and I plan to roll it out to meet the need.

Given the knowledge we all have about the hundreds of millions of dollars that have gone into the Indigenous Unemployment ‘Industry’ over many years and with the gap continuing to widen in this space, is this the way of the future? And shouldn’t we be making this the way of the future?

A big Thank You needs to go out to those employers who have jumped on board to participate in this day so far. Whilst we talk about jobs we are actually talking about positively impacting peoples lives.

If an Indigenous business can pull this off, we can do just about anything!