In addition to business in general, Joanne Pellew has a passion for fashion and Indigenous art and the way they intersect with each other. She has been fascinated with color, form, and textile design since she was young, and translated that fascination into fashion design. Joanne has two different fashion labels both with an Indigenous element but also both very different identities and markets. She is also passionate about beauty products and the way they can inform a woman’s feelings of self-worth, confidence, and lifestyle. As Joanne has to be well presented for both work and events on a daily basis, beauty products and personal grooming is always an interest. The personal interest and needs that she has surrounding fashion and beauty put her into contact with the technology field, which she finds intensely interesting.

Fashion and Artistic Expression

Joanne loves to create sophisticated, stylish designs and fabric prints as a creative outlet. Her first interest at 17 was in the Fashion Design industry and she spent 3 years studying this skill in Perth, leaving her mother and brothers behind in Broome to do study. Creating unique and original fabric prints are part of Joanne’s labels philosophy to ensure they are instantly identifiable as her own labels. She gets inspirations for her prints from her 23 years spent in the Kimberley region, using the colours, natural beauty and unique species of the region to create one off prints. She is known for using the intricate black and white snake skin pattern for her signature print in the Bandi Bandi swimwear line which she started in 2010. Joanne believes that inspiration can be found anywhere, and art is all around us.

In addition to finding inspiration in everyday life, Joanne likes to intentionally go to events that will infuse her with different experiences. Visually stimulating fashion shows, concerts, landscapes, the colours of nature, vivid stories and the like are all of great inspirational value for Joanne. Always open and aware of anything that captures her eye is like a continual memory sponge that is able to recall those different elements at any point down the track to help Joanne create anything for websites, fabric designs, fashion designs, swimwear, brochures, events and the like.

Fashion can be uplifting, and Joanne enjoys exploring the ways that fashion and outer appearance can affect the way people feel on the inside. She stays motivated by looking to other fashion icons, whilst always maintaining her own sense of style. Fashion is all about outer appearance, but for Joanne outer appearance is closely tied to how a person feels on the inside. As her interests took her more and more into the positive and motivating side of fashion, she developed a love for living a healthy lifestyle and working out.

Joanne has a love of fashion and admires many fashion icons but keeps her own sense of fashion to be both stylish but approachable at all times. Joanne loves more than dressing up a pair of favourite jeans with heels, pearls and fresh makeup. Joanne is known for her nails which are usually long and well-kept so that even if she has to wear a semi corporate look at times, her striking nails still set her apart.


Because of her artistic and expressive personality, Joanne is especially interested in beauty products. She loves wearing makeup, keeps her long hair healthy and shiny and keeps a strict daily skin care routine. Her interests include helping others find the right make-up looks for their personal expression, and refining and perfecting her own make-up style. Her interests in beauty products extend to hair care, skin care, and cosmetics. She loves it all!


Although she never would have thought it was in the cards for her, technology has become a big part of Joanne’s life. She is never one to shy away from a challenge, and has embraced learning all about technology for the creation of her soon to be released beauty app.

The ways that technological advances, beauty, human psychology, and business and the need for constant convenience have all overlapped and never cease to fascinate Joanne. She loves to find ways to make her passions intersect. Technology opens up new ways of sharing and connecting, and Joanne is eager to learn all about it.

With business, she finds that she is constantly learning new things. Instead of being overwhelmed by this, she has learned to embrace it. Her interests in technology focus around learning about the effects of technology, sharing with the world, how to monetise the idea within technology, and how to create the pathway for the marketplace and reaching her business goals.

Although her passion for all things tech started out mainly due to her personal need to have a convenient home beauty service available as and when her needs were. Being invited to eventing events throughout the year has meant that Joanne couldn’t attend most of them because of the amount of time she would need to take off work just to fit into the salons schedules, which were usually in busy shopping centres. The idea quickly turned into development and Joanne has been very hands on in the design and development of the beauty app. Even when she is not actively working on her established businesses or her new app, she finds that she is curious about the tech industry and loves to read about new tech products that could advance her own app and learning about other start up tech companies and knowing about their mistakes. It is as if her initial leap into the tech field fueled a deeper understanding of the powers behind tech. She loves sharing with her fans on Instagram and other platforms, and finds that she can’t wait to keep exploring!