As the founder of Ochre, a Noongar woman with the strong desire to help lift my people out of poverty by fighting hard to win jobs and create some form of positive change within my community, I can no longer stay quiet on my views about this very depressing scenario we as Noongar people now face. This video is distressing to watch but shows the deal is not accepted by all Noongar people, including me. It can only be described as a sell-out.

Out of 40,000 Noongar people, only 900 odd turned up to the voting meetings, out of that 600 people voted yes and now there are statements being signed of bribes being offered for those people to vote yes, even then 600 people do not represent the 40,000

That YES votes now means that Noongar people have their Native Title rights extinguished FOREVER! That means even our future generations can’t appeal the vote. That means the Government of the day does not need to consult with Noongar people for any development or project over the whole southwest lands FOREVER! That means any burial sites or sites of significance in those areas, well too bad! The Government of the day can laugh in our faces when we say we are Noongar people, can we please have a job on your project as a sign of respect to us the ‘recognised’ Traditional Owners of the land you are working on!!

  • There are no direct benefits for the 40,000 Noongar people
  • There are no jobs included for the Noongar people
  • There are no programs for the ‘At Risk’ Noongar youth
  • There are no benefits or services for our elders
  • There are no Noongar business opportunities
  • There are only 120 Homeswest houses being handed over
  • The small amount of land that is being handed over for development is mostly marshland
  • Oh, and you get to visit a national park and enjoy a BBQ in the designated publicly available BBQ area.

Watch this video to see what the real sentiment is about this deal with the grassroots Noongar people. Watch Video