With the Federal election looming, we are hearing great promises to boost the Indigenous business sector, which will in turn boost Indigenous employment as part of an organic process. These initiatives will be well received and much needed if they come to fruition.

There are promises to invest in Indigenous entrepreneurs, given that I have started several businesses and been around for some years now, have I ever been given a call…no! There are hundreds of millions of dollars going into Indigenous employment programs, given that I have placed over 800 Indigenous people into employment without any Government assistance, have I ever been given a call…no! There are even more hundreds of millions of dollars going into Indigenous training programs, given that I own the only 100% Indigenous privately owned RTO in WA with a huge database of Indigenous people waiting to be up-skilled, have I ever been given a call…no! There is lots of talk about investing in innovation, given that I have just developed the most innovative platform in the country to get Indigenous people into employment, have I ever been given a call…no! And I have never expected a call either. I have walked my talk and put my money where my mouth is and put my ideas, time, energy and resources into something I believe in so strongly that I didn’t wait for anyone to help me.

I believe my recently launched iWork Jobsite will bring huge benefits to both the social outcomes for Indigenous people and the economy of Australia based on my years at the coalface of the Indigenous employment space.

Regardless of the promises made, the policies are written, the huge amounts of taxpayers money going into Indigenous employment and training programs, all of which my businesses will no doubt be omitted from, I will still keep doing business in the commercial world for an on behalf of my people to create the positive change I know will eventually come. It is my belief that the only way Indigenous people will ‘Close the Gap’ and ‘End Disparity’ themselves is through education and employment.

iWork will be the game-changer as the only platform of its kind bringing jobs to the people, which has never been done before. The moral of the story is if you truly believe in something and passionate enough to make it happen, you will make it happen. Whatever happens at the Government level is irrelevant to your dreams if you are a true entrepreneur.